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Follow the path of three free webinars designed by TechSoup, Google and Euroconsumers to increase the digital skills of Non-Profits on cybersecurity and privacy

Belgium | Italy | Portugal | Spain
October - November 2021

October 28 2021
11 am - 1 pm

Account privacy
& security

All you need to know

November 11 2021
11 am - 1 pm


What is and how to protect your organization

November 25 2021
11 am - 1 pm

Cyber scams

Against fraud
keep control

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Webinars are reserved for operators, collaborators or volunteers of non-profit organisations. We want to help the non-profit sector to increase its digital maturity and enrich its communities and territories with their know-how. We believe that a more tech-aware and digital conscious Non-Profit generates a positive impact on the whole society.

Account privacy & security

Gain a clear perspective on the challenges of cybersecurity and privacy at the current historical juncture. Learn how to distinguish between security and privacy issues and learn the basics. Learn the skills needed to protect your identity and your non-profit organisation online.

1. Welcome del team di TechSoup

2. Introduzione a cura di Google e Altroconsumo

3. Tavola rotonda su Account Privacy & Security

Interviene: Ginevra Cerrina Feroni, Vice presidente del Garante per la protezione dei dati personali

4. Training base da parte del team di TechSoup


Paolo Fornasari, IT & Security expert TechSoup

Alberto Almagioni, IT Manager Emergency

5. Q&A


Would you know how to recognise a phishing attack? During the webinar you will learn how to protect yourself when a hacker, disguised as a trusted entity, can trick you into opening an email, instant message or text message to steal user data, including login credentials and credit card numbers.

1. Welcome del team di TechSoup

2. Introduzione a cura di Martina Colasante, Google e Federico Cavallo, Altroconsumo

3. In dialogo con Vincenza Bruno Bossio, deputata

4. Training base con Paolo Fornasari, Security Expert TechSoup

5. Q&A

Cyber scams

Cybercrime involving the use of a computer as a tool to pursue illegal ends, such as committing fraud, trafficking in child pornography and intellectual property, identity theft or invasion of privacy, is on the rise. Know how these frauds are perpetrated and learn how to protect your non-profit organisation and the people involved.

1. Welcome del team di TechSoup

2. Introduzione a cura di Martina Colasante, Google e Fedeerico Cavallo, Altroconsumo

3. In dialogo con Ivano Gabrielli, direttore servizio Polizia Postale 

4. Training base da parte del team di TechSoup

5. Q&A

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At the end of each session, we will distribute a self-assessment test on the topics covered. You can keep it as internal or if you want you can return it filled out: we will select the most comprehensive answers and you will have the opportunity to get two hours of free brainstorming with our trainer. A simple and practical way to put into practice what you’ve learned.


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Together with Belgium, Portugal, Spain

The webinar series will be held in 4 European countries

Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain: these are the countries where Non-Profit organizations will be able to follow the series of 3 free webinars designed by TechSoup and Google with the aim of increasing the digital skills of the people in your Non-Profit organization on privacy and security issues. 

Play with Space Shelter!

Train your skills with the web game by Google and Euroconsumers

You can exercise your know-how by playing Space Shelter, the web game developed by Google and Euroconsumers as an educational initiative aimed at everyone on privacy and security issues.

Space Shelter is a game that takes you on a journey through the stars: your mission is to cross the galaxy in your spaceship and dock safely at the Space Shelter base. To do this, you must master the spaceship’s security systems, protect the access code, operate the shields and avoid the space pirates.

Who is TechSoup?

TechSoup is a Non-Profit initiative that allows Non-Profit organizations in 236 countries in the world to have access to technology at sustainable costs or totally free of charge.

Non-Profit organizations can register for free at and be recognized as beneficiaries of exclusive discounts and benefits on products and tools of the major IT and digital brands, including Google. 

Google collaborates with TechSoup in this initiative in order to help train non-profit organizations across Europe on online security.

In Italy there are now more than 19,000 non-profits registered at

We are waiting for you on board!


On the occasion of October, the month of computer security, Google and the associations of Euroconsumers in Italy (Altroconsumo), Spain (OCU), Belgium (Test-Achats) and Portugal (Deco Proteste) have joined forces to create “Space Shelter”, a web game designed by the Gamindo platform. The objective of this initiative is to provide individuals with information, tools and specific programs to safely surf the web and, thanks to this, have more fun. The initiative includes a web game set in space that has the dual function of entertaining users and conveying the importance of safe online browsing. While exploring deep space, aspiring astronauts have the opportunity to become true web security experts during their intergalactic journey. 

Alongside the web game, Nonprofits will have the opportunity to enjoy series of free privacy and online security training sessions by TechSoup in 4 countries. 

The webinar content is designed for Non-Profit practitioners and we will give them priority in attending the webinars. In case there are still places available for the online sessions you can gladly sign up. For that, please keep this webpage monitored.

We want to make the webinar content available to a wider audience once the webinars are over, so keep an eye on this webpage or stay in touch with TechSoup to learn more.

At the end of each webinar, you will receive a self-assessment test via email on the webinar topic to test the knowledge and skills you have acquired and do a quick status check on your Nonprofit organization’s protection status. 

How does the self-assessment test work?

You will receive it by email and you can send it to us filled in by email to 

Please note that in order to have access to 2 hours of free support you will have to send us the completed test no later than November 30 at midnight.

If your Non Profit is selected, you will receive feedback via email from the TechSoup team by December 17.

Some criteria that will be pursued will be completeness of answers in the questionnaire, clarity of exposition, demonstrated level of digital maturity, and timeliness in receiving tests.  

For any support, questions or requests you can email us.

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